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We're proud to be located in one of the most vibrant cities in Europe, at the moment.
Porto has been attracting more and more visitors every year
and that happens for many reasons.
See for yourself.


Get around

Porto isn't that big.
You can pretty much walk everywhere.
However, if you wish, there's the metro as well as an effective bus network.


Eat & Drink

Local cuisine is famous for its strong flavours, more or less spicy, but always delicious.
There's plenty of restaurants where you can enjoy it.
Maybe you can enjoy a Douro wine with it.



If you like a bit of History, or maybe some Art, there are many museums and galleries spread around town.
If you're a fan of Nature, you can enjoy some amazing gardens and parks.

David and Helen


Want a bit of live music?
Maybe you want to show your best dance moves.
You got it. All around Porto there are bars and clubs for every taste possible.


Guided Tours

Because we're your friends in Porto, we're happy to help you with tips
about our wonderful city.
There's also the option of our guided tours.
Check with our staff for information.